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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy serves to inform about the way of handling personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The operator has no interest in collecting or using personal data, unless it is indispensable for the operation of this site. Data will not be disclosed to third parties. The legal basis for the collection of this data here is the so-called legitimate interest according to DSGVO.


The operator of the server (hoster) on which this website is hosted stores your connection data, which are mainly the IP address and the access time, as well as other data, such as browser ID, etc.. The hoster, a German company, is in turn forced to store this data due to legal requirements. The storage of this data should be done at all times in compliance with DSGVO, which means, among other things, that this data will also be deleted after a legally specified period.


The website only sets functional cookies. Third-party cookies should not be set, for example, no Google Analytics or Google AdSense is used, nor are there any social media buttons or the like on the site. The statistical measurement, which is anonymized and cookie-free, takes place via Matomo, which is hosted on the website's server. For these reasons, cookie consent is also waived.

Newsletter subscription

In order to receive the newsletter by e-mail, the operator must store an e-mail address of the subscriber, which the subscriber sends encrypted via the subscription form. This data is stored within the website server in its own software and is therefore not disclosed to third parties at any time.


Because of the responsible person please visit the imprint.

Data deletion

Please use this contact-form for any inquiries regarding data protection.

Date: 2022/02/14