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Steven Otto

Dear friends of theosophy,

with this 33rd quarterly issue Theosophy World News starts it's 9th year to give all interested people a quick overview of international happenings in the field of Theosophy. And while the 4th quarter is often a very busy one, the 1st quarter is usually quieter.

Serveral events came in, for example a new World Congress and new European Congress were announced, but also an International Seminar: Exploring the Powers in Humankind with a very interesting science oriented line up, in which also one of my former professors participates, Dr.rer.nat. Dr.phil. Walter von Lucadou, more about it an the other upcoming international Theosophy-events in the Event section.

Did you know that something that the Voyager spacecraft carrying, floating somewhere in outer space, comes from the Blavatsky Lodge in Gamdevi? Or that the spiritual beliefs of the author of the novel "What Dreams May Come" (the same name movie is well known) including the 19th-century Theosophy movement? This and other interesting mentions of Theosophy, this quarter e.g. in the Financial Times, The Washington Post or The New York Times, you can read in the Press Review section, where also Annie Besant is a major topic.

And moral education, in my opinion one of the most important tasks of Theosophy, was not neglected either. Theosophical Movement Magazine featured an article The Power of Ideal or Purification and the Higher Spiritual Path by William Wilson Quinn in the January-issue of the Theosophist and last but not least the current issue of Theosophy Downunder leads in this direction, for example Practical Spiritual Practice. More of this and other stuff in the section with all 15 newly published magazines.

What else? The second time the blog Theosophy Watch was without new content, which would really be a loss, anyone know more? And who always wanted to know how many members TS in America has: currently 3,371 (Source).

As always, there is much more to discover here, just scroll down and read what the movement moves and if you haven't signed up for this free newsletter yet, do so now, so you don't miss the next issue.

I wish you an informative read and a peaceful spring.

With kind regards from Germany

Steven Otto
Editor of Theosophy World News

PS: For all German readers, I've launched a new website,, take a look...

Press outside the movement about Theosophy


An incredible but true story told to us by "Floating somewhere in outer space, about three billion km away from the sun is the Voyager spacecraft carrying two phonograph records... On one of these records.. is the voice of a lady called Kesarbai Kerkar. It was at Blavatsky Lodge in Gamdevi that Kerkar recorded a song that would eventually be selected by ethnomusicologist Robert E Browne to be sent out into space." more about it here.

Annie Besant, Mohandas Gandhi and the independence of India alongside Theosophy were a big topic not only in the Indian press: Theosophy and Gandhi: How Mahatma learned from occult group (, Annie Besant: The Champion Of Women’s Rights (, These ‘Foreign Hands’ Left Their Homes to Fight For India’s Freedom (, Once Upon a Time, India Inspired the World ( or Why These Westerners Disavowed Imperialism to Fight for India's Independence ( are examples of this.

But besides the "glorification", there are also harsher tones in the reporting of the international press in connection with Annie Besant, namely in connection with Krishnamurti. In the newly published book "Accidental Gods", f.e. Financal Times and reoprted, Anna Della Subi, the author, writes about "a tragicomic story concerns Annie Besant", when "in 1909, Besant and her ally, the pederastic priest, Charles Leadbeater, began grooming the ten-year old Jiddu Krishnamurti as the incarnation of the World Teacher". The innocent Krishnamurti graces the cover of the book beside politicians and princes worshipped as deities. That Krishnamurti would have been worshipped as a god, however, is not to be reconciled with the facts.

The Buddhism revival in Asia at the turn of the century before last is closely linked to Theosophy. highlights a lesser known aspect of this history with Bengali Bhadralok, which was "16 when he met Theosophists Col. Henry Olcott and Madam Helena Blavatsky in Colombo". published an article about the The Heritage Institution mentioned “The Kashyapa Lodge of the Theosophical Society came together under the inspiring leadership of Prof S.K. Toshkhani .... to achieve the aim we must educate females. This resulted in the formation of the Woman's Welfare Trust in 1925 - the golden jubilee year of the theosophical society” in Kashmir.


Do you know Richard Matheson? Then maybe the known movie "What Dreams May Come"? He wrote the book about it (a novel 1978) and too many more, read about his work in Richard Matheson, The Influential Science Fiction Writer You've Never Heard Of at His "spiritual beliefs including the esoteric 19th-century Theosophy movement", interesting, isn't it?

In different parts of the world Hilma Af Klimt was again a subject inspired by theosophy. Recently Hilma af Klint was the most visited exhibition ever for the Guggenheim Museum in New York, with 600,000 visitors (we reported) and you can read about her relationship with Steimer here ( Also the New York Times reports about her current exhibition ‘Cosmic Geometries’ in Manhattan, which also shows works by her. Additional: 9 Women Artists Celebrating the Spirituality and Legacy of Hilma af Klint ( even if I can recognize, if at all, only 3.

About the theosophy inspirated Painter Agnes Pelton and her Transcendental Painting Group you can read here in

And other Artists associated with Theosophy found mention in the press, for example Scriabin, "reading HP Blavatsky’s The Key to Theosophy in French translation, a book which seemed to further fuel his ambition for his Mystery project" (, Franz Marc "close friend of Kandinski Expressionist group of artists known as Der Blaue Reiter ... but both artists were fascinated by theosophy" (, Rukmini Arundale "a dancer who adopted theosophy as a way of life" (, Francesco Clemente "his philosophical engagements with Jiddu Krishnamurti and theosophy are well-known aspects of his biography" (, the recently deceased Maria Mariani "guided by theosophy" ( and not at least Piet Mondrian ( and Vasily Kandinsky in the Wall Street Journal about its current exhibition at Guggenheim Museum through Sept. 5.


The first woman to "hold an endowed lectureship in the English Department at the University of California at Berkeley", "eccentric Irish mystic, poet and Celtic mythologist Ella Young", was a topic at, as we get to know, her "interest in the spirit world led her to join the Hermetic Society, the Dublin branch of the Theosophical Society".

Sylvia Cranston’s book "H.P.B.: The Extraordinary Life & Influence of Helena Blavatsky" got a mention in I like unusual books. Here’s what I’d read — if I had time at the, Helena Blavatsky itself and her work The Secret Doctrine in the article What is manifesting and can it help you attract what you want? "which ideas was backed up by 20th-century writers Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich, 1937) and Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life, 1984)" ( and in the article Gnosticism and Modern Science at least tries to connect the occult f.e. Blavatsky, with the big bang from a christian point of view seems forgetting that this theory was conceived by a Catholic priest.

The “Wisdom religion” is the inheritance of all the nations, the world over.

HPB, SD:1:xviii (Itroductory)

Upcoming events

TS Adyar Australia and others

P R O P O S E D: Indo-Pacific Conference (maybe ONLINE)
November, 2022 Malaysia
more information


ITC-Board (ULT, TSPL, Adyar)

International Theosophy Conference 2022: Theosophy: Discovering the Eternal Sun of Truth
 July 20 – July 24, 2022 online event
more information


TS Adyar Netherlands and others

Youth Gathering (under 41 years): Treading the Path to Self-Transformation
3rd to 7th June 2022 Naarden, NL
Video, Website


ITC Naarden / TS Adyar

International Seminar: Exploring the Powers in Humankind
17 - 19 June 2022 Naarden, NL
more information


Europ. Fed. of the TS Adyar and TS Adyar in England

39th European Congress: Healing Oneself Healing the World
From 1 till 6 August 2022 University of York, England
more information


European School of Theosophy

CALL FOR PAPERS: Int. Theos. History Conference: The Theosophical Movement Innovations in Esotericism and Spirituality
5 to 7 of October 2022 ITC, Naarden, NL
more information


European School of Theosophy

EuST 2022: The Voice of the Silence: A Manual for Mystics
7 to 12 of October 2022 ITC, Naarden, NL
more information


TS Adyar

12th World Congress of The Theosophical Society (Adyar)
23 – 29 July 2025, Vancouver, Canada
more information


News from Theosophical Societies

The TS Point Loma published an article to help restore Peace.

TOS USA gave us an Update about it's Work with Ukraine, Animal Healing Network and started also the "Legacy Project", which purpose is to interview Theosophists via Video.

ULT London informs us about new price list with some prices reduced

As said, this newsletter should become more focused, so here no more references to the new events or  published magazines of the individual TS, since these are to be found in the Event section and the magazine section.

For some of the most watched new published videos from the different TS visit the video section.

Via social-media (see Facebook section) I received the news of the passing away of C.V.K. Maithreya, a worldwide known and appreciated theosophist, on 17th January 2022. My condolences to the relatives. There were a noticeable number of obituaries this quarter (e.g. for Thich Nhat Hanh or Dr. N.C. Ramanujachari).

At this point also 2 notes, for the sake of fairness, because I also often criticize: Mr. Smoley, editor of Quest Magazine, in his editorial points to a specific non-profit project of the TS in America, the Prison Program, which is "often overlooked" and featured in the current issue and Mrs Linda Oliveira, former international Vice-President of the TS, also National President of the TS in Australia, gives an insight about how she see the Esoteric Section Adyar in the article The Esoteric School of Theosophy  in the February issue of the Theosophist.

By the way, in the last issues topic of the quarter (where I have dealt in detail with the membership crisis of TS) asked the question whether there is still hope for the organized part of the theosophical movement and (only?) 65% answered with a firm yes.

To be true, religion and philosophy must offer the solution of every problem. That the world is in such a bad condition morally is a conclusive evidence that none of its religions and philosophies--those of the civilized races less than any other--have ever possessed the TRUTH. The right and logical explanations on the subject of the problems of the great dual principles, right and wrong, good and evil, liberty and despotism, pain and pleasure, egotism and altruism, are as impossible to them now as they were 1880 years ago. They are as far from the solution as they ever were, but. . . . "To these there must be somewhere a consistent solution, and if our doctrines will show their competence to offer it, then the world will be the first one to confess, that ours must be the true philosophy, the true religion, the true light, which gives truth and nothing but the TRUTH. . . .

From the article "The Theosophical Society: Its Mission and Its Future" by H. P. Blavatsky, published in Lucifer, August 1888 and especially this paragraph HPB has quoted from the so-called "Maha Cohan Letter".

Theosophical Magazines

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The Quest Magazine
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Articles from Theosophical sites


A Cup of "Tea"-Osophy with the President

Legacy Interview with Ed Abdill

Legacy Interview With Betty Bland

Adyar Day 2022 - Fritz Kunz: "Reminiscences by Fritz on how he met H.S.O. and C.W.L.”



Evolution of Life : Sister Vibha Saksena :: Delhi Theosophical Online Meeting 9th April 2022

Philosophy as a Form of the Ancient Mysteries | Gwendolyn Reece

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President Barbara Hebert Special Vlog 3.14.22

Nevertheless, personal immortality is conditional...

H. P. Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine Vol. III, p. 510, On Exoteric "Blinds" and "The Death of the Soul"

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Hello Brigitte, thank you for your warm words but to be correct, here's only an international newsletter, not a society :)

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